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This site is designed to introduce you to Brett A. Sokolow, Saundra "Saunie" Schuster and W. Scott Lewis, partners in NCHERM, the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management. NCHERM is one of the largest specialized higher education law practices in the United States, representing the legal matters of thirty colleges and universities as outside counsel.

The firm is recognized for its expertise in sexual misconduct and harassment cases, violence prevention, safety and security. The NCHERM partners are called on frequently to serve as expert witnesses in a variety of cases involving K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Title IX cases are a particular specialty, and the firm has litigated, served as experts or responded to government audits and investigations in fifteen Title IX-related school and college cases. The partners are engaged as experts in ten cases currently, and invite your inquiries about evaluating, serving as expert witnesses and/or litigation strategists in your case.

Recently, a federal judge's written opinion stated the following in regard to Brett A. Sokolow's value and services as a federally admitted expert witness: 

"As between the two potential expert witnesses, and based solely on the materials which are presently before the Court, Mr. Sokolow appears to understand the use and scope of his testimony better than [the opposing expert]. Mr. Sokolow’s report begins with a substantial discussion of the [state] law governing and defining the standard of care and appears to reflect a thorough understanding of his role as an expert in the liability action alone…Mr. Sokolow analyzed the University’s compliance with its own procedures, he also discussed federal guidelines, procedures in peer institutions, and other sources from which the Court could draw upon the reasonable standard of care…Therefore, both the context of the opinions and their prefatory legal discussion might tend to support the belief that, as between the two, Mr. Sokolow would be better able to avoid testifying impermissibly…Given that [the opposing expert] apparently has nothing to add to Mr. Sokolow’s standard of care analysis, it is not clear to the Court at this time what value his testimony would add."


Please find a listing of cases in which the partners are currently serving as experts, as well as the firm history of expert cases by clicking here.

Brett Sokolow, JD

Brett A. Sokolow, J.D.

Brett A. Sokolow is the founder and Managing Partner of NCHERM, based outside of Philadelphia. He is the author of twelve books and dozens of articles on campus and school district safety and liability issues. He has been qualified as an expert in federal court. He also serves as Executive Director of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators.

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Saundra Schuster, JD

Saundra K. Schuster, J.D.

Saunie Schuster is a partner with NCHERM, based in Columbus, OH. She has served as General Counsel to a community college and as an Asst. Attorney General for the Ohio Education Division. She is a past president of the Association for Student Conduct Administrators and is the sitting president of NaBITA, the National Behavioral Intervention Team Assoc.

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Scott Lewis, JD

W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

Scott Lewis is a partner with NCHERM, based in Dallas, TX. Scott came to NCHERM after serving as Assistant Vice Provost of the University of South Carolina and as a faculty member. He is a past president of the Association for Student Conduct Administrators and is the president-elect of NaBITA, the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association.

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